Diwrnod Cofio’r Holocost

Following an invitation from Cardiff Council, 9 pupils accompanied us to represent the school at the National Holocaust Memorial Day at Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff. We had an unforgettable experience commemorating those who died, not only under Nazi persecution, but other genocides around the world. It was a privilege to listen to the story of one survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp, Ron Jones, and to take part in a reflection delivered by Howard Tucker, who was Head of Mission in Sarajevo. The pupils really enjoyed listening to their experiences!

We decided to use the pupils’ splendid experience to hold a service for the whole school on this year’s theme of the day ‘Don’t Stand By’. Our duty to remember those who died as well as those who struggled to survive was emphasized, as a way of reminding us how fortunate we are to live in a tolerant and compassionate society. All were encouraged not to stand by, but to work together to ensure that such atrocities do not occur again.