Experimental Learning

I met Sue Philips during my PGCE and have always tried to use experiential learning and ‘Theatre of Learning’ methods in my classroom. I do feel that it makes lessons more engaging, easier to understand and remember/recall for any assessments and examinations. I have also used Jenny Mosley and Marilyn Tew’s book “Quality Circle Time in the secondary school” extensively. Circle time is a great way to get to know your pupils at the start of a new year or during transition days and pastoral sessions.

Experiential Learning and Circle Time enables pupils to develop their own spirituality and enables them to empathise with people who are different from themselves.

Pupil behaviour and motivation is generally very good  because  I think that pupils remember and understand lessons where they see and touch artefacts, eat food and  re-enact celebrations and rites of passage .

Trayza Williams RE Teacher and Head of Neptune House at Prestatyn High School, Denbighshire.