Mary Jones and her bible

LLandovery College, June 2014 – Key Stage 3 play  - “Mary Jones and her bible”

Year 7 pupils really enjoyed performing a play about Mari or Mary Jones (Bala) and her bible.  In an age where less and less pupils read the bible and recognise its spiritual and ethical importance it is imperative for pupils to remember how important the Bible was for Welsh culture and history. The lesson fits in well with the “curriculum cymraeg” requirements but also incorporates a cross curricular approach linking drama and religious studies. There are many facets to the lesson which also includes an information sheet/worksheet and differentiated and extended prep. I picked up the idea from a colleague some years ago and the play can easily be translated into welsh if needs be. I hope you find it useful!!

Here are the hyperlinks:

Information sheet

Download information sheet


Download the worksheet

Script for Play

Download the script


Kind Regards

Mrs Siw Williams Head of Religious Studies LLandovery College