Religious Education in Powys

1.     SACRE

The Powys SACRE has continued its pattern of termly meetings and the most recent meeting was held on 14th November, 2014.   The Spring Term Meeting has been arranged for 25th March, 2014.

During the November meeting, Mrs Margaret Evitts, formerly the Head teacher of Gungrog C in W (Controlled) Infants School, Welshpool, was appointed to the post of Chair while Mrs Christine Robinson, who is currently a Bishop’s Visitor in the Diocese of St. Asaph and also a former Head teacher, was appointed to the post of Vice Chair.

The meeting carried out its termly tasks of receiving correspondence and receiving and considering extracts from the reports of recent inspections of Powys Schools.   Amongst the correspondence received was information on Farmington Fellowships for Teachers of Religious Education and Head teachers during the academic year 2014/15.   Details of the Fellowships have been circulated to all schools and SACRE are keen to encourage school staff to take up the opportunity of Farmington Fellowships as, in the past, staff from Powys Schools have benefited from these opportunities.   In relation to the extracts of reports of recent inspections of Powys Schools, these related to five Community Primary Schools and one Voluntary Controlled School, and appropriate feedback was agreed in relation to each school.   Other standard items included receipt of documentation regarding the Wales Association of SACREs and the review of the Powys SACRE 2013/14 Development Plan.

In addition to the standard items, the SACRE considered and approved for publication its Annual Report 2012/2013 and received and considered a number of recently published documents.   These included the following:-

  • The Estyn Thematic Report on Religious Education in Secondary Schools.
  • The Welsh Government’s document entitled, “People, Beliefs and Questions – Religious Education for 3 – 7 year olds in Wales.”
  • A Report published by Christians in Parliament entitled “Faith in the Community.”

Appropriate action was agreed in relation to each of the above publications.


The Authority’s Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education is now firmly embedded across the County.   It was published in March 2011 so will not need to be reviewed until 2016.   There are, therefore, no plans for commencing a review of the Syllabus at this stage.   A number of other SACREs in Wales will need to review their Syllabuses before Powys so the Powys SACRE will consider the approaches followed in other Authorities when the time comes to review its own Syllabus.


The Authority has not, currently, arranged any training in Religious Education and Collective Worship but training can be arranged on an individual school / cluster basis.



John Mitson

School Effectiveness Officer

Clerk to Powys SACRE