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Please note that we have no control over the content of other websites, and where we provide a link to another website, this is done for information or merely to acknowledge a source. We do not necessarily approve the content of other websites or accept any liability for them. 

Copyright and Consent

The copyright for all designs, texts and graphic work which belong to the website, as well as any selection or arrangement of them, and all compilations via software (including applets), visual source codes, and all other material on the website addysg-grefyddol-cymru.org is the property of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David or those who supplied them with the content and technology. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

It is strictly forbidden to use it in any way that other than the website’s specific educational purpose, including duplication for modification, distribution, or republication, without prior written consent from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David / addysg-grefyddol-cymru.org / canolfanpeniarth.org


The University of Wales Trinity Saint David provides the information found on addysg-grefyddol-cymru.org in all good faith. Every effort is made to ensure that the latest information is included but the University of Wales Trinity Saint David shall not be held liable if information is later found to be inaccurate. When a view is expressed, as is found in advance information shown as additions on addysg-grefyddol-cymru.org, this is not necessarily the view of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, and should not be interpreted as such.

Except where specifically stated on the website, to the fullest extent permitted under the law, Trinity Saint David / the contributors and officers of addysg-grefyddol-cymru.org / canolfanpeniarth.org, its members, its representatives, its Director or its staff shall not be held liable for any compensation stemming from or in connection with the use of the website. This is a comprehensive limitation on liability which shall apply to all sorts of compensation, without restriction, whether direct, indirect or resultant, loss of data, income or profit, loss of property or damage to it, and third party claims.

Subscription Arrangements

A Local Authority (LA) can subscribe to the website by paying £500 a year.  Once payment has been made, the SACRE Clerk of that LA will receive a username and a password to be circulated to all relevant staff and teachers in the LA as well as SACRE members so that they can obtain access to the site.

There are two choices with regard to subscription for individuals:

Either, a) Subscribing to obtain direct access to the website.  The cost is £15 a year or £20 for two years.  The payment details are on the website.  Once the individual has paid, he will receive a user name and a password in order to obtain access to the website;

or,  b) Subscribing to receive two hard copies of articles from the website during an academic year.  The cost is £40 (including transport).  Cheques should be made payable to ‘the University of Wales Trinity Saint David’.  Once the individual has paid he/she will receive a hard copy during the months of January and July.

In each of the above subscription arrangements, no refund shall be payable for any reason.

The right is reserved to vary the subscription price to reflect the costs of maintaining the website and producing a hard copy.  However, the subscription price will not change during the subscription period.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to the website contact Marc Morris.

Privacy and Cookies Policy

Data Protection and Privacy

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David supports the protection of privacy on the internet in accordance with the requirements of UK legislation and acknowledges that personal privacy is an important issue.

There is a binding legal commitment on the University of Wales Trinity Saint David to conform to the provisions of the 1998 Data Protection Act.

The personal details collected and provided by you the user are processed in accordance with the legislation.  We will not sell, license or sell any personal information to others. We do not provide personal information to companies who market directly or other similar institutions.

Cookies Policy

The standard policy of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David on cookies is to allow all cookies. This website uses cookies to help to provide specific features for the user. This helps to ensure that the user has the best possible experience. If users wish to continue to have the best possible experience on the website no changes need be made. However, if they do wish to restrict or prevent the use of cookies, they may do so by using the settings on the web browser. See also, “Do I need cookies” below. We must stress that limiting the cookies used by UWTSD, will impede the operation of services such as Moodle and MyTSD.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files and in visiting a website they are kept on your computer’s hard drive as you move through the web pages. They are widely and generally used to make websites work properly and more efficiently, as well as to provide various types of information for the website owner. They are designed to hold a small amount of data which is relevant to the website and a specific client, and the web server or the client’s computer may have access to them.

The purposes of using cookies include:

  • keeping pages the user viewed recently
  • identifying any problems which may have arisen during the visit to the website, in order to be able to resolve any problems
  • remember login details for accounts such as Moodle and Athens, which make it easier for users to find them and use them.

Terms and Conditions

University of Wales Trinity Saint David Disclaimer

  • This Disclaimer also applies to all Website and/or Intranet files published by the University, or by institutions connected with the University which use variations on the domain names of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in the URL (including but not limited to *.trinitysaintdavid.ac.uk/*, *.ydrindoddewisant.ac.uk/*, *.tsd.ac.uk/*, *.ydds.ac.uk/*), and in this case, the website of addysg-grefyddol-cymru.org
  • Whilst the University and the addysg-grefyddol-cymru.org project team have taken all reasonable care in providing information electronically, they shall not be held liable for errors, the quality or accuracy of the information or any other material provided on the website.
  • The University of Wales Trinity Saint David reserves the right to make changes to the addysg-grefyddol-cymru.org website without any notice.
  • The material available on the University of Wales Trinity Saint David Website(s) a/or Intranet, specifically in this instance, the addysg-grefyddol-cymru.org website, shall not be the basis for any contract with the readers or the users. The addysg-grefyddol-cymru.org project team or the University shall on no account be liable for losses or costs incurred by any person, directly or indirectly, through using or in reliance on any material provided on the addysg-grefyddol-cymru.org website.
  • The addysg-grefyddol-cymru.org project team or the University of Wales Trinity Saint David are not responsible for the content or the presentation of any internet sites to which it may be linked, or the contacts within them.  This includes external pages which are linked to University Website(s) and/or Intranet, or those created by any institution connected or not connected to the University. The University cannot guarantee that these links will always be available.

University of Wales Trinity Saint David Statement of Copyright

  • Unless otherwise stated, all the material published on the Website(s) and/or Intranet of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David is the property of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. And in this instance, addysg-grefyddol-cymru.org.  All rights reserved.

Types of Cookies

Cookies can be divided into four categories:

1. Indispensable cookies   Indispensable cookies are needed to move around the website and to use its features. Without these cookies requested services may not be provided such as on-line payments.

2. Performance cookies   Performance cookies gather information on the way visitors use a website, for instance which pages do visitors view most often, and if they receive messages about errors. These cookies do not gather information which identifies a visitor. All information kept by these cookies is stored and kept anonymously. It is used only to improve the way a website works.

3. Feasibility cookies   Feasibility cookies support the use of the website and enable advanced and personalised features. Some of these cookies are essential to enable the user to move about the website without coming across any problems while using specific features.

These cookies are used to enable the website to remember user choices (such as the user names, language or area) and to provide better more personalised features. For example, it may be possible for a website to provide reports on local weather or traffic news by placing a cookie which notes the current area of the user. These cookies can also be used to remember the changes made to text size, fonts and other web page elements which may be modified. The information these cookies gather can be anonymised; they cannot trace your steps as you browse on other websites.

4. Targeting cookies  Targeting cookies are used to introduce advertisements which are relevant to the user and his/her interests. Usually these are set by advertising networks with the permission of the website operator. They remember you have visited a website and this information is shared with other institutions such as advertisers. Very often, targeting cookies are connected to the feasibility of the website provided by the other institution. (The University of Wales Trinity Saint David does NOT use targeting cookies at the date of issuing this information)

Do I need cookies?

Yes and No – depending on which websites you use

If the user wishes to restrict the cookies set by the University, or by any other website, or restrict them, this can be done by changing the browser settings. Most browsers can be configured to reject cookies, or to issue a warning before a computer accepts them. The Help button within the browser should show to configure it to reject cookies or warn the user when they are being used.

However, having said that, cookies may have benefits: often they improve the experience of the online user. The University of Wales Trinity Saint Davies uses cookies to improve the online experience. If the user disables cookies while using the website he/she will not be able to obtain the maximum benefit from or fully access hands-on features or services on the University website.

It is important to note that some cookies are essential for some services provided by the University. If settings are configured to prevent cookies the user will probably not be able to login to services such as Moodle, MyTSD and others which use cookies as part of the identification process. Moodle and MyTSD use a cookies session which is ‘live’ only during that browser session and once the browser is closed they are discarded.

More information on managing cookies is available at All About Cookies.

Performance Cookies

(By using the University website, the user agrees that the University can place cookies such as these on the device/devices used to contact the website)

Managing cookies

Usually the University of Wales Trinity Saint David shall use cookies in the following categories:

  • Indispensable cookies (to include some session cookies)
  • Performance cookies
  • Feasibility cookies (session)

Contacting us

If you have any inquiries concerning this policy, please contact us:

Marc Morris,
Website Development Officer, Tel: 
01267 676866, marcmorris@canolfanpeniarth.org